The surroundings.

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The landscape

Circuito Mike G Guadix is situated on a plateau surrounded by 4 mountain ranges in an area of incredible beauty that’s about to become a UNESCO geopark national park.

Apart from the stunning dramatic backdrop and landscape there is a collection of 240 Neolithic dolmens distributed in 10 different cemeteries. It is the richest collection of prehistoric burial grounds of Spain.

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The land

The dolmens were built about 5,000 years ago. Excavations have found a number of artefacts (religious figurines, necklaces, flint knives, pottery fragments, etc.) that reveal that a large number of these tombs were used from the late Neolithic period (2800-2600 BC) and into the Copper Age (2400-2200 BC).

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Beltic Seaway

40 million years ago our land was part of the Beltic seaway and mostly formed by sand, crustacean fossils and dry salt. It connected the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean!

Famous movies like Doctor Zhivago, Indiana Jones, A fist full of dynamite were filmed in the area.

So we have some incredible local road routes and the whole feeling of natural beauty actually helps circuit drivers get that feel good factor .